Agenda Highlights

Agenda for WCF IX, Oct. 27-30, 2015

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The week will feature dozens of opportunities to:

  • learn from many of the world’s leading natural family scholars
  • be entertained, uplifted and inspired by amazing talent
  • network with the international community’s most influential leaders in the natural family movement

We are hard at work putting the agenda together and will add details as they become available.

Ceremonial elements:

  • There will be a transfer of the WCF flag from Sydney to Salt Lake City.
  • We will present the awards for the Man and Woman of the Year.
  • We will honor the late Richard Wilkins for his lifetime of work for the family.

Strong Plenary Speakers:

  • Nick Vujicic, Australia, who was born without limbs, is an internationally renowned motivational speaker. Nick never fails to move audiences with the value and potential of every single life, no matter what stage or what challenges. Nick was recently named to the list of top 100 most influential religious leaders in America.
  • Sammy Rodriguez Jr. is head of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.
  • Lila Rose, another of the top 100 religious figures, is known for her pro-life work.
  • Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, an economist and author of a new book, Victims of the Sexual Revolution, will examine the effects of this cultural revolution on young peoples’ lives.
  • Ted Baehr, founder of MovieGuide, conducts pioneering research into the impact of family-rated movies on the movie industry, discovering that they are increasingly more popular and profitable and that R-rated movies are declining in popularity and profitability. Ted is also on the top 100 most influential religious leaders list.
  • A member of the LDS General Authority will speak during the opening ceremonies.
  • Bob McCoskrie, a media personality from New Zealand, is a witty, powerful speaker who always challenges and inspires audiences.
  • Allan Carlson is founder of the WCF and a top family scholar and historian.
  • Ignacio Arsuaga of Madrid is one of the most effective entrepreneurial leaders in the world; he was the force behind the 2 million person march for life in Madrid.

Special Features of the WCF IX:

  • A dynamic, interactive discussion among international millennials about their views on life, marriage and family issues.
  • A plenary panel of reporters, editors and international media experts talking about the media and faith.
  • A plenary panel of the top academic research scholars who are doing the cutting-edge research on the importance of the family, including Brad Wilcox, Pat Fagan and Jason Carroll.
  • Break-out sessions on a wide variety of issues related to life, marriage and family — ¬including sex trafficking, abortion and adoption, pornography, sexual exploitation, ethics and morality, economic costs of family breakdown, Hollywood values vs. family values, euthanasia, bioethics, and numerous others.
  • Several members of European royalty will be delegates, as will U.S. Congressional members and Parliamentary members from other countries.


  • The American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra will be featured in concert.
  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will present a mini-concert designed especially for the WCF.
  • The International Children’s choir will sing while wearing their multi-national attire.
  • The Piano Guys will perform in the closing concert.