Plenary Panel: What Laws and Policies Best Protect Life and the Family

The first speaker at this first session of the last day of WCF IX was Evan Lenow, an assistant professor of ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He spoke of religious liberty and the history of this important right. He pointed out the risk of failing religious liberty on topics such as education, marriage, abortion, and euthanasia. He ended his speech with the assertion that “religious liberty sets forth the foundation on which we can build the best pro-life and pro-family public policy.”

Bill Norton from the National Center for Constitutional Studies brought religious liberty to a more personal level. He emphasized the parent’s duty to help their children develop character. This duty has been undermined several times as the government has redefined marriage. He placed the responsibility on the people when he asked, “Should it be any surprise that after decades of asking the government to define marriage, they feel free to redefine it?”

This redefinition of marriage was last addressed by C. Gwen Landolt, national vice president of REAL Women of Canada. She said, “No-fault divorce gives rise to the unwillingness to work through the inevitable trials of marriage.” Even more tragic are the children affected in the wake of the parents’ choices. These three panelists placed the accountability on us to help change these patterns in society.