Plenary Session: Stephanie Nielson – Happily Ever After

Stephanie Nielson started with a love story — her own. She knew from a young age that what she wanted the most was to be a mother. When she met her husband, it was apparent to both of them that they would be married. They had the same values and desires for their lives. After seven beautiful years together and several children, they were in a plane crash. They were both badly burned and were in comas for months.

Stephanie explained her feelings of despair and feeling that she looked like a monster. Through these times, she gained hope and recognized the need to not just survive, but thrive. She and her husband returned home.

This adjustment with their children was difficult. Things did turn around and they became stronger. This story was ultimately a story of family and faith — those two things were their motivators, their purpose, their support, and their joy. They knew that their happily ever after was still possible through God.