Plenary Panel: Personal, Family and Cultural Casualties from the Decline of Faith

Father Josiah Trenham, pastor at St. Andrew Orthodox Christian Church, spoke Thursday morning on the value of human life and the tragedy of abortion. He taught of the nature of God and the nature of man, explaining, “A human being can’t be described apart from his or her heavenly orientation.”

The session continued with Marlene Peterson, who spoke tenderly on motherhood. She said a mother has a divine gift to help her child learn to love greatly. She personally and thoughtfully challenged us to tell stories to our children as a way to cultivate this love.

The topic changed as Francisco Tatad, Former Majority Leader in the Senate of the Philippines, spoke solemnly about the decline of faith in our society. He delved into the need for religious beliefs to our personal well-being and closed with this poignant statement, “I believe, therefore I am. I love therefore I am.”

The last speaker, Mark Tooley from the Institute on Religion and Democracy, spoke on a unique topic – the decline of faith within religious institutions themselves. He urged those of faith to continue to engage in the political discussion even as pressure increases. He warns that many people of faith are backing down from these arguments in order to avoid controversy. This appeal for involvement may be just what we need to reverse the decline of faith that affects us personally and as a society.